G Hawaiian Ukulele Scale

Scale chart for Baritone ukes, G-Tuning

G Hawaiian - Notes on the fretboard

G Hawaiian Ukulele Scale (Baritone)

Chords that fit the G Hawaiian scale

41 ukulele chords found

C, C5, C7, Csus2, C6, C9, Cadd9, C-5, C7-5, D, D5, Daug, D7, Dsus4, Dsus2, D7sus4, D9, Dadd9, D11, D7maj5, Edim, Em7/b5, Gbaug, Gbdim, Gb-5, Gb7-5, Gbm7/b5, Gb7maj5, Gm, G5, Gsus4, Gsus2, Gm6, Am, A5, Asus4, A7sus4, Am6, Am7, Bbaug, Bb-5,

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