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UkuleleScales.com is an extensive Library of Scales/Modes in the 4 most common Uke Tunings. This unique archive not only includes full fretboard diagrams, but also scale shapes/diagrams for each position. We're your gateway to Improvisation and soloing on your Uke.

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Get the full fretboard diagrams and shapes for each of the 5 positions per scale/mode. Understand how scales are built thanks to additional infos such as intervals, degrees, formulas, etc. See chords that fit, similar scales, ...and this, for the 4 most-popular Tunings: Soprano, Baritone, D-Tuning and Slack-key.

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Want to get the scales that suit a specific chord progression or a custom interval of notes? Try our awesome Scales by chords or Reverse scale finder tools!

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Get answers to frequently asked questions about scales. Start you journey here: Introduction to Music Theory.

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Our API allows webmasters to query our scale database in order to publish our fretboard diagrams on their website. Don't lose time creating hundreds of charts for your website - get them for free, all you need is a valid API key! Get one here.

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