Scales in the key of A - D-Tuning


D-Tuning Ukulele Scales and modes in the key of A

Must-known scales in A
A Major
A Minor pentatonic
A Major pentatonic
A Blues
A Natural minor
A Harmonic minor
A Melodic minor

Most viewed D-Tuning scales/modes in A

All Scales and Modes

Major Scales/Modes
A Major
A Ionian mode
A Natural minor
A Dorian mode
A Phrygian mode
A Lydian mode
A Mixolydian mode
A Aeolian mode
A Locrian mode
Melodic minor Scales/Modes
A Melodic minor
A Overtone
A Altered
A Dorian b2 mode
A Augmented lydian mode
A Lydian b7 mode
A Mixolydian b6 mode
A Locrian #2 mode
A Superlocrian mode
A Hindu
A Super locrian
A Hawaiian
Harmonic minor Scales/Modes
A Harmonic minor
A Altered bb7
A Locrian #6 mode
A Ionian #5 mode
A Dorian #4 mode
A Phrygian Dominant mode
A Lydian #2 (9) mode
A Locrian bb7 mode
A Ultralocrian
Pentatonic Scales/Modes
A Blues
A Major pentatonic
A Minor pentatonic
A Balinese
A Chinese
A Mongolian
A Egyptian
A Hirajoshi
A Kumoi
A Pelog
A Japanese
A Iwato
Octatonic Scales/Modes
A Diminished (halftone - wholetone)
A Diminished (wholetone - halftone)
A Eight tone spanish
A Ichikosucho
A Bebop major
A Bebop minor
Hexatonic Scales/Modes
A Whole tone
A Augmented
A Six tone symmetrical
A Prometheus
A Prometheus neopolitan
Other Scales/Modes
A Leading whole tone
A Double harmonic
A Enigmatic
A Chromatic
A Diatonic
A Nine tone scale
A Major locrian
Exotic Scales/Modes
A Arabian
A Byzantine
A Hungarian major
A Hungarian minor (gipsy)
A Mohammedan
A Neopolitan
A Neopolitan major
A Neopolitan minor
A Persian
A Purvi theta
A Todi theta
A Spanish gipsy
A Moorish phrygian
A Romanian minor

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