Ukulele Baritone scales


Browse the most common Baritone scales by Key

Key Name
A A Major, A Minor pentatonic, A Major pentatonic, A Blues, A Natural minor, A Harmonic minor, A Melodic minor,
Bb Bb Major, Bb Minor pentatonic, Bb Major pentatonic, Bb Blues, Bb Natural minor, Bb Harmonic minor, Bb Melodic minor,
B B Major, B Minor pentatonic, B Major pentatonic, B Blues, B Natural minor, B Harmonic minor, B Melodic minor,
C C Major, C Minor pentatonic, C Major pentatonic, C Blues, C Natural minor, C Harmonic minor, C Melodic minor,
Db Db Major, Db Minor pentatonic, Db Major pentatonic, Db Blues, Db Natural minor, Db Harmonic minor, Db Melodic minor,
D D Major, D Minor pentatonic, D Major pentatonic, D Blues, D Natural minor, D Harmonic minor, D Melodic minor,
Eb Eb Major, Eb Minor pentatonic, Eb Major pentatonic, Eb Blues, Eb Natural minor, Eb Harmonic minor, Eb Melodic minor,
E E Major, E Minor pentatonic, E Major pentatonic, E Blues, E Natural minor, E Harmonic minor, E Melodic minor,
F F Major, F Minor pentatonic, F Major pentatonic, F Blues, F Natural minor, F Harmonic minor, F Melodic minor,
Gb Gb Major, Gb Minor pentatonic, Gb Major pentatonic, Gb Blues, Gb Natural minor, Gb Harmonic minor, Gb Melodic minor,
G G Major, G Minor pentatonic, G Major pentatonic, G Blues, G Natural minor, G Harmonic minor, G Melodic minor,
Ab Ab Major, Ab Minor pentatonic, Ab Major pentatonic, Ab Blues, Ab Natural minor, Ab Harmonic minor, Ab Melodic minor,
Note: To download our scale charts for the Baritone, visit our "Scale charts" page.
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