Scales in the key of Ab - D-Tuning


D-Tuning Ukulele Scales and modes in the key of Ab

Must-known scales in Ab
Ab Major
Ab Minor pentatonic
Ab Major pentatonic
Ab Blues
Ab Natural minor
Ab Harmonic minor
Ab Melodic minor

All Scales and Modes

Major Scales/Modes
Ab Major
Ab Ionian mode
Ab Natural minor
Ab Dorian mode
Ab Phrygian mode
Ab Lydian mode
Ab Mixolydian mode
Ab Aeolian mode
Ab Locrian mode
Melodic minor Scales/Modes
Ab Melodic minor
Ab Overtone
Ab Altered
Ab Dorian b2 mode
Ab Augmented lydian mode
Ab Lydian b7 mode
Ab Mixolydian b6 mode
Ab Locrian #2 mode
Ab Superlocrian mode
Ab Hindu
Ab Super locrian
Ab Hawaiian
Harmonic minor Scales/Modes
Ab Harmonic minor
Ab Altered bb7
Ab Locrian #6 mode
Ab Ionian #5 mode
Ab Dorian #4 mode
Ab Phrygian Dominant mode
Ab Lydian #2 (9) mode
Ab Locrian bb7 mode
Ab Ultralocrian
Pentatonic Scales/Modes
Ab Blues
Ab Major pentatonic
Ab Minor pentatonic
Ab Balinese
Ab Chinese
Ab Mongolian
Ab Egyptian
Ab Hirajoshi
Ab Kumoi
Ab Pelog
Ab Japanese
Ab Iwato
Octatonic Scales/Modes
Ab Diminished (halftone - wholetone)
Ab Diminished (wholetone - halftone)
Ab Eight tone spanish
Ab Ichikosucho
Ab Bebop major
Ab Bebop minor
Hexatonic Scales/Modes
Ab Whole tone
Ab Augmented
Ab Six tone symmetrical
Ab Prometheus
Ab Prometheus neopolitan
Other Scales/Modes
Ab Leading whole tone
Ab Double harmonic
Ab Enigmatic
Ab Chromatic
Ab Diatonic
Ab Nine tone scale
Ab Major locrian
Exotic Scales/Modes
Ab Arabian
Ab Byzantine
Ab Hungarian major
Ab Hungarian minor (gipsy)
Ab Mohammedan
Ab Neopolitan
Ab Neopolitan major
Ab Neopolitan minor
Ab Persian
Ab Purvi theta
Ab Todi theta
Ab Spanish gipsy
Ab Moorish phrygian
Ab Romanian minor

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