Gb Diminished (wholetone - halftone) Ukulele Scale


Standard Tuning (gCEA).
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The diminished scale is a scale that one finds most often in jazz, and that many guitarists of fusion, rock, or neoclassical use the scale in their solos. This scale of eight notes is constructed symmetrically by alternating tones in whole and half steps. In improvisation, it is used on the diminished seventh chords, as well as on the dominant seventh chords.

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Staff Line Notation

Scale details

  • Type : Octatonic
  • Number of notes : 8
  • Formula : 1,2,b3,4,b5,b6,6,7
  • Notes : G♭, A♭, A, B, C, D, E♭, F
  • Intervals : W,H,W,H,W,H,W,H
  • Degrees : G♭ (I - tonic), A♭ (II - supertonic), A (III - mediant), B (IV - subdominant), C (V - dominant), D (VI - submediant), E♭ (VII - leading tone), F (VIII - octave)

Scale Positions

You'll find below the 5 different positions/shapes of the Gb Diminished (wholetone - halftone) Uke scale in Standard Tuning (gCEA), along with their ascending tab patterns.

Position #1

Position #2

Position #3

Position #4

Position #5


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